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Networking Power Tips – 10 Productive Trade Show Tactics

I still remember my first trade show experience. It felt like I was walking the gauntlet with caged animals on either side trying to get at me. Ok, so I say this in jest, but it does sometimes feel like this. Trade shows are usually busy, pressure-packed events. There is a limited amount of time […]

12 Benefits of Starting Your Own Networking Group

You’re sick and tired of attending events where others run the show. You’ve tried the pay-for-play referral groups around town and have found them to be more about the few who run the show than about helping you achieve more success. How can you use networking as a business or career growth strategy that works for you? […]

7 Ways Personality Affects Networking

“Research has confirmed that personality is a compilation of four basic behavioral styles. Each of us incorporates the four styles into thoughts, conversations and behavior. Over 75% of the contacts you make will be with differing (and sometimes contradictory) personality styles. We’ve all had the experience of meeting someone where the contact and the conversation […]

Networking Power Tips – 8 Productive Trade Show Tactics

Trade shows are usually busy, pressure-packed events. There is a limited amount of time and a lot to see. You can maximize your return on invested time if you follow these tips: Have clear, written objectives. Most trade shows have hundreds of vendors and booths. Invest time before arriving to decide which have the highest […]

Networking Power Tips: 9 Ways to Prompt a Conversations

Nothing is more awkward than lapses in the conversation, particularly in a one-on-one situation with a newly introduced person. Here are some suggestions on how to keep conversation flowing and feelings of trust and affinity growing. Create a comfortable atmosphere. Most people open up when they feel at ease. Strive to quickly make others feel […]

Networking Power Tips: 9 Ways to Keep a Conversation Alive.

Events offer many conversational opportunities. It’s easy and comfortable to chat with colleagues and friends but, sometimes, you end up in an interaction with someone new. These conversations can hit speed bumps that can have an adverse effect . Nothing is more awkward than lapses in the conversation, particularly in a one-on-one situation with a person […]

4 Steps To Converting a Presentation Into Profit

You’ve been invited to deliver an after-lunch presentation to a group of business professionals. You realize It’s an ideal opportunity to showcase your product, your company and yourself but are struggling with how to maximize it. Let’s face it, thirty minutes is not enough time fully explain any topic in depth. What it can do is […]

10 Commandments of Networking-Related Prospecting

Networking is a social activity that most sales professionals embrace as part of the professional mandate. Unfortunately, many tend to put the “sales” part ahead of the “professional” piece. Adhering to these 10 Commandments of Prospecting will make your life easier and you accelerate your results. Every person you meet has the potential to help […]

The 5 Networking Event Formats & How to Maximize Each

Every networking event has its individual dynamics, benefits and drawbacks. Many, if not most, networking events include a meal. The act of breaking bread with another person is a powerful relationship-building vehicle. In order to maximize your investment, review the information below. Networking Breakfast. Networking breakfast functions are usually high-intensity events. People who attend these […]

7 Ways to Maximize Long Distance Business Relationships

Technology and the global mindset are prompting more and more companies to increase their reach into new cities, markets and countries. Whether because of an expansion strategy, merger/acquisition opportunity, or some other innovative marketing concept, long-distance relationships are becoming the norm. Being dropped into a leadership role where the team is scattered across different time […]