On Being the Best

Have you thought about what is takes to be the best? Being the ‘best’ is a relative term and can apply to any company irrespective of its industry, scope or size. Here are some characteristics that (in my mind) define being the best. These are based on my recent experiences in working with, or interacting with, the ‘best’.

Presentation. In every experience with these ‘best’ companies, I was overwhelmed by the visual impact. From exterior views to interior decor to intimate detail, the presentation was exquisite and extraordinary. This sense of visual impact was consistent throughout my entire experience in each case when involved with a ‘best’ company. The resulting emotions I remember most vividly were feelings of security and well-being. In a word, I felt comfortable.

What do you do in the areas of personal and professional presentation to demonstrate that your colleagues, clients and contacts are dealing with the best?

Quality. Plasma screen television instead of the standard model. Snacks shaped like golf tees. Fresh orange juice delivered to the room each morning. A high-quality, monogrammed decal produced and delivered within minutes. A choice of the finest wines. Fairways groomed to perfection. A patio bar that can be accessed from both inside and outside the house (this was my favorite). Your choice of newspaper delivered to your room. Each ‘best’ company delivered a quality experience that left me with an unbelievable, lasting effect.

What do you do to produce a quality experience for colleagues, clients and contacts as they interact with you and your company

Value. As a business concept, value is both a pre-requisite for, and a passport to, increased fees and additional profits. As consumers, we seek value. In fact, we are prepared to pay more once we have established value. Each ‘best’ company contact delivered value that not only justified price, it made it (to a certain extent) irrelevant. Communicating value was an integral part of the experience as we were informed about the various items, from explaining how to use the plasma TV to the purpose of a runner as part of our golf foursome to spot our drives and rake the sand traps. And in every case, these ‘best’ companies confirmed that we realized the value we received. What a concept!!

What do you do to deliver value to colleagues, clients and contacts, and how do you confirm they understand and appreciate what they have received?

Impact. I am convinced that a key to attaining and maintaining ‘best’ company status is to continuously strive to deliver high impact in the three areas identified above. My recollection of every best company experience includes the impact of the presentation, the quality and the value. Whether the impact was visual, visceral or value-based, it had an impact that will stay with me for a long time. P.S.: I now measure other experiences on a scale that is based on the impact these supplied.

What are your ding in your everyday activities that will deliver a high-impact experience for colleagues, clients and contacts?

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