NfR Monthly Mentorship Program

You want to move your business forward but we both know that sometimes the path can be uncertain. There are so many options to consider, opportunities to assess and potential obstacles that can arise.

Being an entrepreneur can be both lonely and lethal. Decisions are difficult enough and without an objective perspective or the benefit of experience can cost time, effort and resources.

What if you had access to both experience and expertise, and could tap into over 45 years of business experience, 25 years of entrepreneurial expertise with a wealth of management knowledge, professional competency and leadership capabilities…every day.

The NfR Monthly Mentorship program is a unique partner-resource for small business owners, business/sales professionals and corporate executives. It supplies strategic expertise, management skills, business strategy, and on-going support.

Here’s what this intensive program includes:

  • Bi-monthly business development phone conversations.
  • Objective feedback on strategies, ideas, and opportunities.
  • 24/7 email access to over 45 years of business experience & expertise
  • On-demand coaching to deal with an emergency situation.

The NfR Monthly Mentorship program adds a world-class partner to your organization, literally overnight. It enables you to make better decisions, faster and accelerates your results. Here are the direct benefits for you and your company.

  • Low cost.
  • No long term investment.
  • Can be terminated at any time.
  • Guaranteed: you will be completely satisfied or your money refunded, no questions asked.


NOTE: The NfR Monthly Mentorship Program is billed in monthly installments of $276.

Click here to register for one month of mentorship.


BONUS: click here to register for a 90-day program (and save 10%)