Maximizing Networking ROI in a post-pandemic world

Using the Power of Personal Contact & Social Media to Maximize Visibility, Credibility & Profitability

Learn from The Master. Michael Hughes, North America’s Networking Guru, is recognized by both professionals and business leaders as the expert in the use of networking as a business development strategy.

After researching this topic and using these skills for over 20 years, Michael is now living proof that skilful networking generates exceptional professional and personal success.

DOUBLE your networking results by investing just one day with THE Networking Guru. In these entertaining and educational six hours, Michael will share with you both his powerful insights and his unique expertise.

By attending this session, you will have the ability to significantly impact crucial conversations, build better relationships and dramatically drive the results you want and need. I Guarantee it!

Here’s what you’ll learn and practice:

1.Master the interpersonal mechanics of networking by breaking it down into bite-sized, manageable chunks. Then build your skills and develop new strategies with a proven, step-by-step recipe for networking success. When you leave this event, you will have the ability to:

  • create instant rapport with new contacts.
  • build trust quickly and effortlessly.
  • feel completely comfortable with any conversation partner.
  • feel totally confident in every networking conversation.
  • accelerate networking results by being more likeable.
  • leverage every conversation for maximum results.

2.The art & science of successful sales-focused networking without turning others off or feeling uncomfortable through a proven, practical, and ethical approach that pays enormous dividends. This program will share:

  • The biggest sales-related networking mistake & how to avoid it.
  • How to cut through conversational clutter to identify an ideal client.
  • The two key sales skills that are key to networking for results.
  • How to deliver a memorable networking sales presentation.
  • The optimal strategy to have others want to hear from you.
  • Why you fail to follow up and what to do about it.

3.Develop your own “Maximum Leverage” network strategy that will act as the foundation for accelerated results. Face it, if you’re not in the right network, you are doomed to failure. In this program. you will gain the knowledge to:

  • Identify your highest-priority network & build an effective network plan.
  • Develop you 4-step network success strategy.
  • Maximize the impact of your personal network.
  • Implement network leverage strategies that multiply your leverage capacity.
  • Track your network performance, progress & results.

4.Use social networks to expand your networking reach & results by unlocking the unlimited potential of this under-utilized online resource. Bring your laptop or iPad and make immediate changes that will drive your online networking capacity:

  • Why LinkedIn is such a powerful networking resource.
  • Little-known profile impact points that instantly drive credibility.
  • Convert every request-to-connect into a relationship-building experience.
  • How to quickly & easily build online credibility.
  • Secrets to building connections that grow into results.
  • Build a 5-step social media plan that delivers on-going results.

Includes networking skill-building tools & resources:

  • Identify your highest-need opportunity areas by completing my proprietary NfR Networking Skills Audit ©.
  • Continually develop your networking skills by using the Networking Conversation Self-Assessment.
  • Guarantee results by completing the Networking For Results™ Personal Action Plan at the conclusion of the program.
  • Real-time learning: practice techniques and tactics with others during the session.
  • One-on-one coaching: session includes 30 days of one-on-one support to get help with your most important networking issues.

SPECIAL BONUS: Start boosting your results the day you register! Immediately download the 75-page Networking Boot Camp Support Manual jammed with practical, proven networking tips, tools and & techniques.

What past participants are saying about this professional development event:

Thanks again for yesterday’s workshop. It was worth every penny I paid to be there. My head is spinning with stuff I want to do as I now have some focus and direction.

More to the point, your material was great. I didn’t realize how profound it would be. I thought I had seen and heard it all – but your work gives me a lot of exciting new things to think about and ideas to implement. I really am going to stop letting opportunities waste away!

I wanted to reach out and thank you so much for all the incredibly useful tools and knowledge you provided yesterday. The workshop certainly changed my perspective on my approach, in more than one way.

Thank you for a superb course. My brain was exhausted by the end of the day – thinking about the many opportunities for me to improve my networking. Well worth the money.

Event Specifics:

  • DATE: Friday, January 26, 2024, 8:30 am – 4 pm
  • LOCATION: Holiday Inn East, 1199 Joseph Cyr Rd, Ottawa (across form St-Laurent Mall)
  • Refreshments provided, lunch on your own.
  • Pre-registration only.
  • Maximum 15 participants
  • COST: $697 includes 75-page Boot Camp Resource Manual, one-day professional development event, workbook with take-away skill-building tools & resources and 30 days one-on-one coaching.

EARLY BIRD SAVINGS: Register before midnight Jan. 15th for $397. YOU SAVE $300 (43%)

TO PRE-REGISTER: click here and reserve your spot TODAY!

GUARANTEE: If at any time you feel you are not receiving overwhelming value, your fee will be refunded with no questions asked.