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The Networking for Results Success System

Are you anxious and stressed even thinking about attending networking events?

Are you fed up with spending money on association dues with little or no results?

Do you participate in conferences only to find they’re a waste of time and money?

Are you frustrated because you can’t seem to get others to refer you?



The Networking for Results Success SystemNow there’s a practical, proven solution to every one of these issues. Introducing…

The Networking For Results Success System

The most complete and comprehensive information resource to create, implement and manage a successful personal marketing program.

THE FORMAT: This self-paced networking skill-building program is centered around you. Read the entire document, or choose the area that you feel fits for you, then dive right in. You’ll find either method works. Modules are designed to support one another as you and your success strategy evolves.

MATERIALS INCLUDED: You get 334 pages of practical, proven networking information separated into 8 self-contained modules, over 7 hours of audio programs that complement and support each module. This includes over 400 specific networking tips, tactics and tools and 33 pages of real-life networking experiences.

NEW CONTENT....NFR LIVE!: Now includes two hours of live video. You become part of the audience as Michael Hughes, THE Networking Guru shares his entire body of knoweledge..LIVE! This is the same program Fortune 500 companies pay thousands of dollars for, and it's yours as part of the Networking For Results Success System. Stop the program and repeat segments that require more focus. Use the workbook to acelerate your learning curve in key areas. Watch with others and practice the gorup exercises.

BONUS: The NFR Success System’s Most Unique and Invaluable Resource

IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO WORLD-CLASS EXPERTISE: Within 30 days of making your purchase, you will receive one-on-one support from one of the world’s leading networking experts. Your investment includes a one-on-one, 30-minute live phone coaching session with THE Networking Guru to discuss your unique situation, needs and requirements.

During this interview, Michael will supply targeted information and tools to dramatically accelerate your performance and results. How valuable is this? Read what other coaching clients are saying about one conversation with Michael:






“In addition to his vast knowledge, Michael takes an interest and invests himself in his client's success. He worked one-on-one with me to help me with my networking skills - the result - instant - I got three great jobs the very next day!! Don't miss an opportunity to work with Michael!”

Meridith Elliott Powell,



Michael, one conversation with you has had a dramatic impact on how I view my business and opened up a whole new revenue avenue I’d hadn’t seen before”.

Steve Slaunwhite,



“In just one hour of impromptu coaching, he saw connections I had missed within my target demographic and placed my business in an entirely different context. Michael made excellent, immediately applicable suggestions on ways to expand my visibility and leverage the value of my presentations.”

Mia Doucet,

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: The Networking For Results Success System is the result of over fifteen years of research into business networking by one of North America’s leading authorities on this topic. Michael Hughes, “Canada’s Networking Guru”, is completely focused on networking as a professional development area. His efforts have culminated in the form of this step-by-step approach to networking….that is guaranteed to work!

ANTICIPATED RESULTS: After implementing the Networking For Results Success System you will learn to find new customers faster, get more business from existing customers, generate on-going referrals, create additional business opportunities and build lasting relationships. You will have the ability to create immediate interest, build trust, attract qualified prospects , accelerate sales results and better leverage time & resources.

INVESTMENT: Your $699 investment includes the entire Networking For Results Success System and comes to you in one complete package. Your binder includes 10 modules, 12 audio programs, 2 60-minute videos and the opportunity to schedule, at your convenience, a one-one-one live coaching appointment with the “Networking Guru” to maximize the contribution to your success.

NOTE: Canadian residents add 13% H.S.T. Delivery FREE in North America.


Dear friend,

How many times have you heard that networking is the most cost-effective strategy to grow your business, drive your sales or advance your career? Sales courses include it, business books promote it and successful entrepreneurs swear by it.

Yet every time you’ve tried to use networking as part of your business or career plan, it has only added to your frustration and anxiety around this ever-more necessary professional competency. I’ve found there are three secrets to accessing the power and potential of networking as a business strategy.

First, you must understand the principles that govern networking. I discovered this information by absorbing over 50 books in this topic, converting the salient points into an easy-to-read format. Simply accessing this fountain of condensed knowledge can act as the basis to literally explode the results this incredible resource can offer.

Next, you must to apply the networking principles. The resultant strategies I’ve accumulated and confirmed are the basis for the practical application of the Networking For Results System. I have spent almost sixteen years relentlessly refining these strategies into a series of failsafe formulas for networking success.

And finally, you must continually strive to build your networking skills. One of the fundamentals truths is that skill in any area leads to success. The entire Networking For Results Success System is an accelerated learning system. It’s a performance–based that supplies skill-building into every component, supplying on-going feedback on activities and results.

I am living proof that networking can and does supply incredible, overwhelming results. I have invested my entire career in it, made it my mission to become an expert about it and now I want to share the results of my labour with you, acting as your mentor, coach and partner in this journey.


Here's what the networking For Results Success System includes:

  1. The Networking for Results Success System334 pages of networking information, strategies and tactics.
  2. Over 7 hours of audio support programs on 10 CDs.
  3. 29 networking self-assessment tools to identify your highest-opportunity areas.
  4. Networking Group Research Kit.
  5. Networking annual planning Excel spreadsheet ($100 value).
  6. The networking For Results Contact Follow-Up System in Excel spreadsheet format with detailed instructions.
  7. Interpersonal Skills Reference Guide with 453 networking tactics, tips and tools.
  8. 30-minute one-one live telephone coaching appointment with the author to discuss your specific issues, individual environment and unique needs.
  9. Unlimited email coaching for six months following your purchase date.
  10. My personal NO-RISK GUARANTEE: You will double your networking results within 90 days of purchasing this program or I refund your money.


How does the program work?

Customized Skill-Building Approach. The system is designed as a step-by-step process that builds your networking skills as you drive your networking results. You choose your pace, and proceed in the area that makes the most sense to you.


STEP 1 Open your binder. Review the table of contents and start reading through the material at Module One. It’s set up as a skill-building course with each module adding new networking information.
Choose the module you feel has the highest value and dive right in, accessing the information you feel you need right now.
STEP 2 As you review the material in your selected area, complete the skill-building exercises to increase your competence. Review the skill-building tools that are included in that module and use them as you implement your networking activities.
STEP 3 Schedule your one-on-one live phone coaching session. This usually has the greatest impact when accomplished in the first 30 days of receiving your networking For Results Success System.
STEP 4 Assess your skill-level every 30 days and move to a new module. You can email any questions you may have and get a reply within 24 hours for up to six months after your purchase date.


Implementing your networking strategy with this consistent, focused approach creates accelerated results through a skill-based application of proven techniques and strategies. As your confidence builds, you will have the ability to quickly confirm your return on investment in time, effort and resources.


In creating this program, I wanted to supply a level of value and support that would virtually guarantee success. That’s why I’ve made access to my coaching services an integral part of the Networking For Results Success System.

In addition to unlimited email coaching services (with 24-hour reply to any networking question you may have), I will make myself available for a one-on-one live phone coaching interview.

Once you have received and reviewed the complete course content, we’ll schedule your personal one-on-one live 30-minute phone interview to discuss your specific issues and needs, and review how to maximize your investment. Here’s what others have said about my networking coaching.


What makes this course different and why does it work?

Unlike other self-paced programs, this course does not promise overnight success. It requires that you implement a series of actions in a consistent and controlled system. But when you do, it produces results. Here’s how:

The Networking for Results Success SystemProven. The information contained in this course has survived trial and error in the real world. Every tactic and tool has been tested, revised and refined until reaching optimal effectiveness. Plainly out, these tactics work! The concepts are time-tested, the strategies have been used successfully in real-life situations and the exercises have evolved from battle-hardened learning experiences.

Progressive. Networking is a skill-based activity. As such it, requires on-going commitment in both attitude and activity. This program is designed to supply information on a “building-block” basis, advancing the reader’s knowledge of networking and relationship management. Its Secret Success Key is that it also includes skill-building tools to accelerate skill-building and increase results.

Profitable. Networking For Results, by its definition, is based on a results-focused approach. The entire program is centered on utilizing networking as a professional competency that delivers outcomes. This material is about producing tangible results in your business, in your sales or your career.

Guaranteed to work. The Networking For Results Success System will produce results. I believe this so strongly that I’m prepared to stake my reputation on it. My personal NO-RISK GUARANTEE: You will double your networking results within 90 days of purchasing this program or I refund your money.


What’s included in the Networking For Results Success System binder?


MODULE 1 The Power of Networks 24 pages
BONUS: The Seven Natural Laws of networks with action plan for each
MODULE 2 The Business of Networking 25 pages
BONUS: annual planning worksheet with Excel spreadsheet
MODULE 3 Managing The Networking Process 20 pages
BONUS: networking skills self-assessment
MODULE 4 Moving From Contact to Client 36 pages
BONUS: networking follow up system Excel spreadsheet
MODULE 5 Maximizing Centres of Influence 38 pages
BONUS: contact prioritization sheet
MODULE 6 Networking Group Success Strategies 45 pages
BONUS: Networking group research kit
MODULE 7 Interpersonal Skills Reference Guide 45 pages
BONUS: how to start & run your own networking group
MODULE 8 eXecutive Summaries 56 pages
BONUS: Summer networking strategies
MODULE 9 101 Real-Life Networking Tips 35 pages


NOTE: This component alone is worth the entire cost of the program, but you also receive extra support, information and learning options. Read on….

MODULE 10: Networking For Results Audio Programs

Networking For Results 2-CD Cornerstone Audio Library Series


CD one, side one – Networking Group Success Strategies 22 minutes
CD one, side two – Managing The Networking Process 27 minutes
CD two, side one – The Networking Power Principle 26 minutes
CD two, side two – Moving From Contact to Client 28 minutes


Networking For Results Premium Audio Programs


Planning – The Winners’ Edge 24 minutes
The More Referrals Seminar – live broadcast 32 minutes
Working Your Network (Creating a Referral-Generating Machine) 37 minutes
Maximizing The V.I.P. Factor 21 minutes
Failsafe Follow Up Strategies 35 minutes


Networking For Results Skill-specific audio programs


The First 30 Seconds – Accelerating networking Success 31 minutes
From Free to Fee – Using Free Talks to Build your Business 24 minutes
Sharing eTip Success – My Most Productive Marketing Tool 23 minutes
Maximizing May Networking 18 minutes
Jumpstart Fall Networking 21 minutes
How Personality Impacts Networking Results 21 minutes
For Women Only! (and men smart enough to listen) 37 minutes
Networking as a Corporate Resource 24 minutes


NOTE: Each of these powerful programs act as support for the written documentation. Or they can be used as stand-alone learning courses. The audio series will allow you to exponentially drive your skill-building as you expand your knowledge through a different learning environment. This information is a combination of live audio programs that reflect the energy of the content and studio productions that incorporate a compressed version of these powerful networking principles and practices.



Each module contains its own specific skill-building tools. Here is a list of the resources included:

Networking Skills Audit to identify your highest-need areas.
Annual Revenue Planning Worksheet to define financial objectives.
Personal Marketing Focus Worksheet to zero in.
Networking Communication Plan creates your 15-word statement.
Networking Skills Category Assessment to clarify skill level.
Follow Up Structure Sample to direct activities & maximize results.
Follow Up Options Summary to increase productivity & effectiveness.
Follow Up Self-Assessment to identify high-return follow up areas.
Centres of Influence Audit to identify where to focus efforts.
Centres of Influence Planning Summary to direct COI strategy.
Centres of Influence Summary Sheet to identify COI relationships.
Contact Prioritization Worksheet identifies highest-value contacts.
COI Information Sheet with 35 need-to-know information areas.
COI Action Plan Worksheet to plan & review results.
Referral Audit to assess skill-level in 5 critical referral areas.
Referral Request Self-Assessment personal skill-building tool.
Target Market Worksheet to clarify networking focus.
Networking Group Activity Overview reviews group benefits.
Networking Contact Info Sheet confirms group alignment.
Networking Group Goal Summary clarifies categories & objectives.
Networking Group Audit identifies key benefit or requirement areas.
Networking Event Checklist to prepare for event success.
Networking Event Activity Plan maximizes event results.
Networking Skills Self-Assessment personal skill-building tool.
Networking Style Self-Assessment to identify personal style.
Summer Networking Strategies Audit identifies high-return areas.
Networking Results Annual Planning & Tracking Sheet.
Networking Activity Planning & Tracking Sheet (sales tool).
Networking Leadership Audit to confirm criteria to start a group.

NOW includes new content: Networking 2.0- How leverage social networks for fun & profit ebook, The Ultimate Chamber of Commerce Member Success Guide (getting rave reviews from Chamber execs), Conference Networking Handbook.

And in addition to all this, you also receive two Excel-based software resources with instructions to set up and implement immediately:

The Networking for Results Success SystemAnnual Revenue Planning & Tracking System:
This Networking For Results proprietary program is designed to help you plan, manage and track your annual revenues. It comes with complete instructions for set up.

Networking Contact Follow Up System:
This unique tool has been the basis for my prospect management system for over seven years. It acts as the perfect follow-up resource, ensuring you will never lose track of a high-value contact, colleague or client again.


I’m waiting for the opportunity to share my years networking and expertise and I’m looking forward to helping you achieve all the results you want and need.


Michael J. Hughes,
North America’s Networking Guru

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it to take for me to receive my Networking For Results Success System?

Once you complete the purchase process, you Networking For Results Success will be shipped via regular mail within 24 hours. Normal shipping time is 7 – 10 days. Arrangements can be made to speed this process based on your needs and budget.

I’m just getting my business or sales career started. Can this program help?

Investing is this program in the early stages of your business, entrepreneurial or sales career is one of the smartest investments you can make. It is designed to help you build networking confidence and competence and will identify areas that will dramatically accelerate your results.

I’m a seasoned veteran. How can this program help me?

Every professional can benefit from a new or different perspective on an important professional skill area. This program supplies unique and innovative information about networking that most professionals have not taken the time or effort to research or refine. One good idea can launch your sales results or business development to the next level. Besides, it’s fully guaranteed, so what do you have to lose?

How can I maximize my live one-one- one phone coaching interview?

As soon as you make your purchase, I’ll be in touch via email to initiate our coaching arrangement. We will establish how to maximize your investment and identify how to best use this program. The coaching call will be scheduled when you feel it fits your professional development. This course is about helping you become more successful by networking more effectively, so you chose the time lines.

What if I need more help after the phone interview?

I am available on a 24-7 basis for six months following your purchase date. Simply send your question via email and I will respond withing24 hours. NOTE: Additional one-on-one coaching is available on a fee-for-service basis.

How will I know this investment is paying off?

Your Networking For Results System includes tools and resources to measure your success: whether skill-building tools to assess your learning results, activity tools to determine your increase in effectiveness and performance or revenue tools to plan, manage and track your overall and specific results. You will always have a solid sense of progression in both personal development and professional outcomes.


Price: $699

Click here to order NOW!

PRODUCT #70050: Order the Networking For Results Success System Today (cost includes shipping & handling -  NORTH AMERICA ONLY).

Special Note: The entire Success System will be mailed to you in one complete and comprehensive package. You'll receive the Networking For Results Success System binder within 5 days of your purchase.



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