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The Networking Power Principle

The Networking Power PrincipleHow to Create, Develop & Leverage Centres of Influence to Create a Referral-Generating Machine

Let's cut to the chase. How would you like to guarantee your highest return on invested networking time? (I'll supply a self- development tool that confirms that guarantee!)

This 38-page ebook (or hard copy) format contains everything you need to find the highest-value relationships, drive them to a specific outcome and leverage your investment for maximum return. Here's what you get:

  • How to create a Centres of Influence plan that guarantees results.
  • 3 exercises to zero in on your top Centres of Influence.
  • 4 areas that affect every Centre of Influence relationship.
  • 5 strategies that drive relationships with tips to maximize each.
  • 10 options to expand & accelerate trust with Centres of Influence.

But what's the point of doing all this work if you can't reap the rewards!!! This resource also includes a professional development component that builds on these strategies to create the results you want and need.

Plus, bonus info that includes:

  • 4 reasons why others don't help & strategies to overcome each.
  • How to influence others to recommend you more quickly.
  • 3 critical components that drive referrals and strategies for each.
  • A step-by-step referral request strategy you can use right away.
  • 3 types of referrals and specific strategies to use with each.

KEY RESOURCES: use the Centres of Influence Audit (P. 4) and the Referral Audit (P. 37) to identify your biggest opportunity areas and immediately accelerate results.

REFERRAL SUCCESS FACTOR: This program includes the "Referral-Request Self-Assessment" (p. 38). This self-development tool allows you to use every referral opportunity as a learning experience and increase your referral skills.

Price $47.77

NOTE: speical eTip recipient price of $14.95 for ebook option- offer ends July 27/18

PRODUCT #700128 Order to immediately receive as PDF Download for only $14.9

PRODUCT #700129 Order as hard copy book for $52.77 (extra cost covers shipping & handling).



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