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Networking Group Success Strategies

Networking Group Success StrategiesHow to get Everything You Want From a Networking Group…And More!

44 pages that contain all the strategies, systems and secrets I’ve used to build my one-person company into a six-figure consulting practice by leveraging networking group relationships and resources.

SECTION ONE: The Psychology of Groups

In this section you’ll review the realities of dealing with groups, the dynamics that drive group success and receive four networking group success criteria for maximizing these powerful resources.

SECTION TWO: **Networking Group Research Tool Kit**

This section is the value-base of the program. It includes the seven steps to networking group success, a series of practical and proven group research and planning tools. You’ll use these to assess your key strengths and set meaningful, realistic goals for your group investment. You’ll also have access to the four most effective options for finding the right group.

SECTION THREE: Networking Group Success Strategies

The success of your involvement with any group is based on the ability to turn investment into results. Discover the twelve networking group success strategies that lead to immediate and long term payoff by identifying and recruiting the five major resources of every group, leveraging group contribution categories and value-building options. This section even includes a group referral-building strategy.

SECTION FOUR: Networking Group Success Tactics

Networking group success is the result of on-going activity. Breakfast events have a different dynamic than a wine and cheese gathering. In this section you’ll cover an in-depth analysis of four group formats and how they affect performance and potential results. Networking is a social activity and as such is impacted by the annual business and social cycle. Evaluate the four networking quarters and dicover how each contributes to your annual results. This section also includes activity plans and checklists to review your performance and help improve results.

SECTION FIVE: The Power of Patience

Complete you networking success strategies by reviewing the four cornerstones to profiting from your networking group investment. Then re- enforce your commitment for personal networking group success as you read the personal success stories.



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