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More Referrals!

More Referrals!How to Create a Revenue-Generating Machine

Everyone knows that referrals are one of the most effective ways to grow business and get more sales. Yet just about everyone admits that there isn't a solid recipe to generate referrals on an on-going basis.


That's right, I've taken my complete referral strategy and condensed it into a 10-page document that I'm ready to download to you today.

Here's what this incredible executive summary covers:

  • My unique referral philosophy and a powerful marketing reality that will immediately impact your referral mindset.
  • How to influence others to recommend you more quickly.
  • 3 critical components that drive referrals and strategies for each.
  • A step-by-step referral request strategy you can use right away.
  • 3 types of referrals and specific strategies to use with each.

Price $17.77

NOTE: Special price of $9.97 for etip recipients untl Aug. 28th.

PRODUCT #700115 Order to receive immediately as PDF Download at $9.97.

PRODUCT #700148 Order as hard copy book for $22.77 (extra cost covers shipping & handling).



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