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Sharing eTip Success

Sharing eTip SuccessDURATION: 23 minutes.

One of my most effective and productive marketing vehicles for the last five years has been my weekly eTip. Many people have asked me to explain how it works and why it's been so successful. So I've put together an audio program that for the first time reveals the evolution of this incredible resource. This program shares all of my tips and strategies around this amazingly productive tool.

Background: First, I'll review my sales philosophy and why the weekly tip has become so valuable as part of my overall business development plan. I'll also share the three principles that were (and continue to be) the foundation of my success with this strategy.

Basics: Next, I'll review the evolution of my tip and detail how I use it. I'll share some of the options I've included as well as others that are available. I don't want to sell anything, just share some thoughts that might be helpful. The core of this section will define the keeping- in- touch structure that has led to my current results.

Benefits: To close out the program. I'll clarify the benefits and results this strategy has produced. I'll close with a five-point action plan that can get you started down this road today.

P.S.: Here's the real reason I use send a weekly tip: it has consistently delivered (and contiues to deliver) between 10 and 25% of my annual revenues. Can you afford not to listen to this program?

Price: $24.77

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