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Maximizing the V.I.P. Factor

Maximizing the V.I.P. FactorDuration: 21 minutes.

Nurturing & Leveraging Relationships with Centres of Influence Research has consistently shown that every network contains key influencers and power brokers, and that results and revenues are maximized when generated from or through these key relationships. Finding and focusing on these pivotal relationships has driven my business success. In fact, it has become my most effective marketing strategy.

This program shares my proven two-part Centres of Influence strategy to identify, develop and leverage your Centres of Influence for optimum results. Complete with my Networking for Results V.I.P. strategy, information, tools and templates including.

  • 3 areas that affect every Centre of Influence relationship.
  • 5 strategies that drive relationships with tips to maximize each.
  • The single most important characteristic in a Centre of Influence relationship and how to leverage it for long term results.

Price: $24.77 as MP3 audio download

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