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How Personality Styles Impact Networking Results

How Personality Styles Impact Networking ResultsDuration: 21 minutes.

FACT: Your personality, and the personality of a conversation partner, affects how you both network and communicate. This reality impacts the outcome of every networking interaction. So what's your networking style and how can you use this knowledge to increase your networking results?

In my fifteen years as a student of networking, I've been researching this dynamic of interpersonal contact. And now I've created a program to heighten awareness and increase skills in this all-important area.

Here's what it includes:

  • Specific information on the four personality styles and how these affect networking interactions.
  • A breakdown of tips and clues to identify the primary networking style of others.
  • The secret "block" that causes networking miscommunication along with strategies to deal with this issue.
  • Why some people just rub you the wrong way and what to do about it.
  • Case studies and examples on networking styles that demonstrate effective communication strategies.
  • 5-step networking communication styles action plan.

Price: $24.77

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