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The Four Cornerstones of Networking Success

The Four Cornerstones of Networking SuccessDuration: 114 minutes.

This comprehensive audio program is an overview of networking as a business strategy. It is a complete self-study course in the art & science of Networking For Results.

This 2-CD set (or 4 MP3 tracks) provides a concise and complete road map to create, manage, and leverage a networking strategy for more revenues, referrals, and meaningful relationships.

Part One: Get Everything You Want from a Networking Group... And More!

Optimize the potential of joining a group by tapping into the key leverage areas.

Note: This segment alone is worth the price.

Part Two: Managing the Networking Experience

Discover six networking phases that build rapport, develop trust, and identify opportunities for immediate networking results.

Part Three: Moving from Contact to Client

How to develop and manage a failsafe networking contact follow up program. Includes a step-by-step plan.

Part Four: Maximizing Networking Relationships

A proven strategy to develop and leverage centers of influence to create advocates and on-going referral sources. Uncover the networking success secrets that will drive results and help you develop meaningful relationships...Guaranteed.




PRODUCT # 700501 Order to immediately receive the four MP3 Downloads ($29.99 SPECIAL PRICE).

PRODUCT # 700401 Order as 2-CD set for $82.77 (extra cost covers shipping & handling).



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