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Meeting Planners

Michael HughesFor your meeting or conference to work… your participants need to network! They need to be connected! They need to be refreshed and turned on to the potential this powerful resource offers.

As a conference organizer or meeting planner…

  • Unleash the untapped resource that will make your next conference unique, an event that will be remembered, and talked about, for months to come.
  • Increase the perceived value of the conference/meeting, at no additional cost.
  • Supply skill-building experiences that will impact the conference participants’ lives.
  • Use your next meeting as a catalyst to build relationships that overcome differences, bridge continents and impact the bottom line.

Unleash the Power and Potential of Conference Networking

with Michael J. Hughes, Canada’s Networking Guru.

Michael Hughes has invested the past sixteen-plus years researching the wealth of networking information currently available, added his personal networking success and his experiences as a leader in networking organizations to create a proven approach that builds networking skills, accelerates networking performance and creates tangible results.

Conference Networking Program Options

  • Conference Networking opening keynote address.
  • Conference Networking Skill-Development Breakout Session.
  • Conference closing keynote address (Where Do We Go From here?).
  • Conference pre-event/post-event skill-building coaching program.
  • Conference networking skill-building tools, products & consulting.

NOTE: Why not combine options for maximum participant payoff?

Contact Michael today to discuss how you can make your next meeting or conference the most memorable one ever.

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