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Partnering for Profits

Michael J. Hughes has been acting as a specialized resource for business professionals for over fifteen years. Using his unique blend of experience, skills and expertise, he partners with successful organizations and individuals to act as a catalyst for change.

Working closely with client-partners, Michael blends in-depth research with his vast array of networking expertise and experience to help them select the best options for success. He is a skilled coach, experienced trainer, and enthusiastic and dynamic speaker who is committed to helping others succeed.

Michael’s most successful program is his “Build a Million Dollar Business” Coaching Program. This program is specifically designed for people who are serious about taking the next step and who want to see results. Drawing on Michael’s vast knowledge-base and experience, infusing it with his unique perspective on business development, and then utilizing a myriad of tools, strategies and options, this program ensure success.

NOTE: This program is restricted to established business professionals and entrepreneurs and is available by application only.

Click here to access the overview of the "Build a Million Dollar Business" Coaching Program.

To access obtain more information about applying for this progarm and receive a copy of the Million Dollar Business Audit, contact Michael at


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