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Welcome to The NFR Network Resource Centre

Are you frustrated with your lack of networking results?

Do you struggle with the networking issues and obstacles you encounter at events or in networking groups?

Are you looking for proven, practical networking information and strategies that have an immediate impact?

I've invested the last fifteen years relentlesly researching networking as a business strategy, accummulating information, developing tools and recording best practices.


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Now I've brought it all together into one amazing
Centre of Networking Excellence.

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Imagine, an encyclopedia of networking information, tips, tools and resources, organized into categories you can access at your own speed, for your individualized needs, to deliver the outcomes you want and need.

Why I created the NFR Network Resource Centre...

In coaching and training clients over the last twenty years, I've discovered that successful, self-motivated entrepreneurs and business/sales professionals often just need access to particular information or want to review a speciifc topic area where they feel they have an opportunity.

So I've decided the create a one-stop networking skill-building resource centre, contiaining the entire spectrum of my networking experience.

Introducing the NfR Network Resource Centre...

  • Instant, continuous access to a wealth of networking information, tools and resources
  • Multiple programs on one topic area to supply optimal skill-building options.
  • Different formats to address individual learning styles (text, audio, webinar or video).
  • Monthly feature topics with specialized information (January 2013: Planning & Goal-Setting)
  • Live group phone coaching to stimulate ideas & get expert feedback.
  • Unlimited email networking coaching.


NEW FEATURE: I have found that I deliver my best value when I interact directly with professionals. That's why the NfR Network Resource Centre now includes 30-minute one-on-one coaching sessions. Register today and schedule your call to leverage all of my experience and expertise.

Why invest in the NFR Network Resource Centre?

  • Serious professionals want access to practical, proven information, tools and strategies that improve performance and profits. The NFR Network Resoucre Centre focuses on improving results!

  • Networking is a skill-based activity. As such, it requires on-going focus and a commitment to continuous improvement. The NFR Network Resource Centre isn’t about doing more, it’s about being better!

  • One of the most effective strategies for improving performance is accessing expert resources in a particular field. The NFR Network Resource Centre leverages experience and the highest-quality expertise!

  • Achieving results requires investment in time, effort and resources. The NFR Network Resource Centre offers maximum return for minimal investment.


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With an NFR Network Resource Centre Membership you’ll have immediate and on-going access to premium programs and personalized skill-building tools such as (but not limited to):

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  • Webinar recordings on high-value topics available for instant viewing (ex.: Networking Group Success Strategies).
  • Audio programs to download as MP3 files at no extra cost (ex.: using free talks to Generate More Business). ).
  • eXecutive Summaries on specific networking issues (ex.: Start & Run Your Own Networking Group)
  • Online Interpersonal Skills Reference Guide, containing hundreds of practical, proven tips and tacics.
  • monthly video blog on timely topics and trends (The 4 Pillars of Goal Achievment)
  • video tutorials on selected topics.
  • SPECIAL BONUS: Group phone coaching sessions with THE Networking Guru.

P.S.: Click here to get a sneak preview of the NfR Network Resource Centre content

How Powerful is this information? Read what others are saying about this material and its impact

“In just one hour of impromptu coaching, Michael saw connections I had missed within my target demographic and placed my business in an entirely different context. Michael made excellent, immediately applicable suggestions on ways to expand my visibility and leverage the value of my presentations. For anyone who thinks networking is about how to meet and greet, Michael takes the concept to a whole new level.”

Mia Doucet, Cracking The Culture Code.

“Michael, one conversation with you has had a dramatic impact on how I view my business and opened up a whole new revenue avenue I hadn’t seen before”.

Steve Slaunwhite,

My Personal NfR Network Resource Centre Guarantee

As an NfR Network Resource Centre member

  • Every month you’ll have access to $1,000+ worth of programs, services and products.
  • Every month you’ll receive concrete information & tools to network more productively
  • Every month you’ll be a more confident and competent networker
  • Every month you’ll increase your networking results!

Invest in an NfR Network Resource Centre membership NOW!!

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  • Assess the value for you and your company
  • Confirm you’re getting results on your investment as you move forward
  • Discontinue at any time

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OPTION #2: Become an annual NfR Resource Centre member for only $199. SAVE 57%

  • Guaranteed seat at every 2013 NFR Webinar Series ($199 value)
  • Reserved Seating at NFR Network group coaching call.
  • Preferred access to NFR Network Member-Only events.
  • 24/7 email access to networking skill-building coaching.

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