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Become part of a select group of committed professionals who want to build their networking skills by gaining more access to:

  • timely and topical networking information
  • unique and innovative networking tools and options
  • networking skill-building products and services

As a member of the NFR Network, you’ll have instant and on-going access to the ever-expanding Networking For Results resource base including:

  • Weekly email networking tip:
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    • Receive notification of upcoming Networking For Results activities & events
  • NEW!! - Online NFR Networking Skills Assessment with instant feedback:
    • Discover your networking strength and opportunity areas
    • Get immediate feedback on where to start your networking skill-building
    • Includes information on how to start and which NFR products to invest in

Online Networking Skills Assessment

  •   - Unlimited access to the NFR Networking Group online interactive database:
    • Check out the ever-growing number of networking listed
    • Add the groups that you’re a part of
    • Add comments to assist others


NEW!! - Networking etip archive:

             Access valuable, practical networking tips and information


      • New information added monthly
      • Request information areas you’re interested in

Networking Article Archive


Check out my grandfather's legacy.

  • PLUS - Additional networking skill-building options and opportunities with an NfR Platinum network membership,, as well as information about networking-related affiliate products or programs


Jumpstart your 2018 results with the NfR Platinum Network Resource Centre.

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