Working Your Network



The Art & Science of Developing and Maximizing Relationships

To Create More Satisfied Clients and Productive Partnerships


It is an accepted fact that developing and maintaining a network of contacts is the single most effective business development strategy, yet very few professionals have had the opportunity to discover how to manage networking as a business strategy.

Networking is also recognized as one of the most anxiety-fillled and stress-inducing activities professionals participate in. Research has consistently confirmed that almost 90% of professionals feel stressed when networking.


This interactive half-day program will increase awareness of networking as a professional competency and business strategy and is focused on developing networking skills. It will include information to give the audience: 

As a result of participating in this program, attendees will have the ability to better manage networking interactions, a plan to maximize their networking activities and the confidence about using networking as personal marketing strategy.


Event Specifics:


date: September 27, 2018, doors open 8:30 am, program duration: 9 - 11:30 am.

location: Centre for Health & Safety Innovation,

5110 Creekbank Rd, Suite 100, Mississauga. L4W 0A1 (get map )

$149 (+HST) fee includes workbook and NfR Social Network Strategy eXecutive Summary.

reserved seating, by invitation only.


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