Special CAFA Member Promotion - Audio Recording of July 29/14 Live Teleconference

The Seven Secret Laws of Networks

(and How to Leverage them to Drive More & Better Results)


A few years ago, I spent an entire summer researching the Science of Networks. After absorbing over 1,500 pages of information about this topic, I came to the conclusion that most people are not taking advantage of a powerful lever that exists in the universe. What if you could access them all, right now, to dramatically drive your business or your career? By attending this program, you will.

The Science of Networks has proven there is a series on Universal Network Laws that, when accessed effectively and applied consistently, have an exponentially positive effect on results. These little-known Seven Natural Network Laws build on one another, combining into a powerful overall strategy that literally guarantees networking success in business and in life.

Here's what you'll learn during from this unique event:

You can now access the recording of this live event. I have created an audio program that you can acces to get all the info I shared during this one-time session.


Regular price for this program is $24.97 but I'm making it available to CAFA members for the special price of $9.97.


To receive your copy, click here and fill in the info required. You will then receive the MP3 audio file with the presentation and the handout we used.


N.B.: The accidental discovery of this information was one of the most important factors in accelerating my success.


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Michael Hughes, North America's Networking Guru.